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Kyani Compensation Plan

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The Kyani compensation plan is based on three legs or groups, and there are no limits. You are paid on ALL your legs which is a major factor where other plans fail. Kyani is positioned for long term, stable growth in over 45 countries worldwide, and this has all been done within only six years of inception! The Kyani Paygate plan will allow you to build residual income and allow you to partake in the highest payouts in the industry. Take a look at our plan, do your due diligence and judge for yourself. After you decide that this is the opportunity for you- please contact us and we can discuss how to best get you positioned with the best MLM compensation plan. Contact Us

Kyani Compensation Plan Summary

kyani comp plan

Kyani Comp Plan 2012

kyani lucrative comp planOur Kyani Team is GLOBAL- our main base of operations is from the USA. JOIN NOW and we will contact you and help you get started!

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